Dramatic Play in Early Childhood

A Visual of Playing Pretend at Home

Hopefully, it is now pretty clear how important dramatic play can be for small children both at school and home. The following video shows a little boy named Cristian engaging in pretend play at home. What the video doesn’t outwardly say is that Cristian is on the autism spectrum. Throughout the video, Cristian’s mother interacts with and prompts her son’s play. And while some of Cristian’s actions may or may not be the result of his developmental disability, this is not the important issue to look at here.


What’s really important in this video is to see the immediate interactions and skill/knowledge practice the young child is having while playing pretend. It’s a good visual example of a child engaging in dramatic play at home!




Firewifesadie. (2008, September 21). Cristian cooking & serving mama [Video file]. Retrieved October 13, 2008 from http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VtGJ022zUeI