Dramatic Play in Early Childhood

Spark Your Imagination…More Ideas for Pretend Play

Throughout this blog, I have talked about the themes for dramatic play only being limited to your imagination. But I also realize that a lot of time we adults need some help getting our imaginations going when it comes to thinking up new ideas continually. I recently found a list of dramatic play themes on a teaching website that has more ideas than I think one adult could ever think up alone.


With pretend play, it is really important to continue to give children new experiences and setups for them to role play and experience. In early childhood classrooms, these new setups are usually done in the dramatic play center. And at home, parents can suggest the ideas/scenarios and provide a few unique props to stimulate children’s dramatic play.


So take a look at this webpage of the many dramatic play themes to see what sparks your imagination! Just take a look at some of the great ideas they have listed for the letters A, B, and C:


Animal shelter
Art gallery
Artist’s studio
Author’s office



Beauty shop
Birthday party
Book Store
Buried treasure/pirate
Bus or train



Candy shop
Car wash
Chinese restaurant
Clown show
Covered wagon


And for each letter of the alphabet, the webpage gives a lot more fun ideas that kids would love enacting as part of a dramatic play activity!



Kohl, M. (2008). Dramatic play centre ideas. Retrieved October 25, 2008 from, http://www.canteach.ca/elementary/drama8.html




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  1. * Kandy says:

    Thank you Step for the information on your blog. I am currently a Preschool Director at a private Christian school. I am a former prek teacher of 8 years. Before coming to my current job I was a prek teacher in a public school where I taught ESL students. One of my favorite centers was my dramatic play center and of course one of the studnets favorites as well. We had many different themes and stores our dramatic play center took on throughout the year. From flower shop to doctor’s office, post office, toy store, ice cream shop, pizza restaurant, vets office, grocery store, santa’s workshop, bakery, and so on…. Restaurant was probably the biggest hit amoung the studetns every year. I found your website because I am currently looking for articles to support the reasons why dramatic play is so important in an early childhood classroom. I agree with all of you post and found them very interesting. I am currently putting together a short workshop for my teachers on dramatic play and how to incorporate different themes of dramatic play in their classrooms…going beyond just the housekeeping center! I have made several different dramatic play boxes for them to check out from our preschool office to use in their classroom. Just wanted to give you a thumbs up for your blog and keep posting! I will encourage my teachers to visit your blog as well!

    Posted 9 years, 7 months ago

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